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Truemec Compaction Equipment: Engineered for Excellence

In the world of construction, the integrity of the foundation is paramount. Ensuring that soil, gravel, and other substrates are adequately compacted is crucial for any building project. Truemec, a leading US-based construction equipment brand, specializes in delivering high-quality compaction equipment designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional contractors. Our range includes plate compactors, rammer compactors, and vibratory roller machines, all engineered for durability, efficiency, and exceptional performance.

Plate Compactors

Versatility and Efficiency

Truemec’s plate compactors are a staple in the construction industry due to their versatility and efficiency. They are ideal for compacting granular soils, gravel, and asphalt, making them essential for roadworks, landscaping, and small to medium-scale construction projects.

Key Features

  1. Robust Design: Our plate compactors feature a robust design with high-strength steel plates that ensure long-term durability even under the most challenging conditions.

  2. High Compaction Force: Equipped with powerful engines, Truemec plate compactors deliver high compaction force, ensuring optimal soil density and stability.

  3. Ease of Operation: Designed with the user in mind, these compactors are easy to maneuver, featuring ergonomic handles and vibration-dampening systems to reduce operator fatigue.

  4. Advanced Technology: Some models come with advanced features like water tanks for dust control and reversible plates for enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces.


Truemec plate compactors are perfect for various applications, including compacting sub-bases for driveways, patios, and sidewalks, as well as preparing surfaces for asphalt and concrete laying.

Rammer Compactors

Precision and Power

Rammer compactors, also known as jumping jacks, are essential for compacting cohesive soils, such as clay and silt, which require a more aggressive compaction approach. Truemec’s rammer compactors are designed to deliver precision and power, making them ideal for trench work and confined areas.

Key Features

  1. Heavy-Duty Construction: Built to withstand harsh job site conditions, our rammer compactors feature heavy-duty components and a rugged design.

  2. High Impact Energy: With high impact energy per blow, these compactors ensure deep soil penetration and maximum compaction efficiency.

  3. Balanced Design: The balanced design of Truemec’s rammers allows for greater control and stability, reducing the risk of operator injury.

  4. Easy Maintenance: Designed for easy maintenance, these compactors have accessible components and are built to minimize downtime, ensuring continuous operation on site.


Rammer compactors are particularly useful for compacting trenches, foundations, and backfill areas where precision and high impact force are required.

Vibratory Roller Machines

Powerful and Efficient

For large-scale compaction tasks, Truemec’s vibratory roller machines are the go-to choice. These machines are designed for maximum productivity and efficiency, capable of handling extensive areas with ease.

Key Features

  1. Dual-Drum Design: Many of our vibratory rollers feature a dual-drum design, providing superior compaction performance and even weight distribution across the surface.

  2. High Amplitude and Frequency: The adjustable amplitude and frequency settings allow operators to tailor the compaction force to different soil types and conditions, ensuring optimal results.

  3. Operator Comfort: Equipped with comfortable operator cabins, our vibratory rollers offer advanced controls and ergonomic seating to enhance operator comfort during long hours of operation.

  4. Durability and Reliability: Constructed with high-quality materials and components, Truemec’s vibratory rollers are built to last, delivering reliable performance on every job.


Vibratory roller machines are ideal for compacting large areas, such as roads, highways, parking lots, and airstrips. They are also effective in compacting base layers and asphalt surfaces.

Commitment to Quality and Support

At Truemec, we are committed to providing our customers with not only top-notch equipment but also unparalleled support. Our compaction equipment comes with comprehensive user manuals, practical use protocols, and video tutorials to ensure safe and effective operation. Additionally, we offer a full range of accessories and parts to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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